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This page is to help all of us conform to the continually updated and changing university regulations. In addition, contact information and procedures on how to get things done are included.

Office of Research Policy and Procedures, Manuals and Guidelines

Lab Safety

Jonathan M. Chase, Executive Director, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, 215.895.5891

All lab personnel must complete Lab Safety Training annually
Drexel's Chemical Hygiene Plan (to comply with OSHA's Health and Safety Standards)
University Lab Safety Manual
University Material Safety Data Sheets
Hazardous Material Identification Guide The NFPA Fire Diamond

Getting Things Done

Sharps and biohazard removal is performed weekly by the University. Sharps containers and Biohazard boxes are available FREE from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Biosafety cabinets and chemical fume hoods need to be calibrated yearly. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety schedules these services.

Something broken? Hoods down? No DI? Need light bulbs? Housekeeping issues?
Contact Facility Managment 215.991.8500